Mais qui est ESEM ?

Nous voyons mais nous ne savons pas!
 Quel est cet arbre?
 Musique vivante?
Un autre autoportrait? 
Gastronomie murale?

Nous allons faire notre possible pour le rencontrer et lui faire cracher le morceau. 
Esem nous sommes à votre recherche manifestez vous!

With love,

Ears And Eyes Magazine.

The Dirty Squirrels are airborne

Why do we know such people?
Who are these two rodents?

We told you about them a little while ago while they were still gathering nuts in the beautiful French city of Besançon.
Mrjn and Luka Cheerys (Most charismatic squirrels ever BTW) trained themselves into dark electronic warriors of the music after fighting the light with them dirty sound waves.

Well we just came here to tell you that they are making dough after being featured for theire Christine's No way REMIX. Get it on Itunes now!

For starters give it a try here!

We love you boys, but we wont trust you after midnight!

With love,

Ears and Eyes Magazine.

Nippon vision of time by Hideo Nakasako : Album Time Passes is out!

Last album by Japanese electronic ambient artist Hideo Nakasako Time Passes @ On sunday Recordings is in our hearts and ears.

It has been almost a year since we know Hideo and his work. Allways flying over sound like a superhero, he makes us feel the mood of every track and takes us to the Nakasako dimension of music.

Listen to blue and dive, Listen to moments and picture it happening. What is happening? Whatever is on will go perfect with this little japanese jewel.

To Ears And Eyes Magazine Avy was a revelation, thank you Hideo.

Less talky talky, more music:

Ears And Eyes Magazine.

Inshape music! But what shape?

Someone was trying to reach us! 
Someone was seeking our love! 
Well here it is!

So whats the shape of this thing?
Music lovers are always welcome @ Ears And Eyes Magazine, so welcome Inshape.

A French production with these sounds we like.
After listening to Pumpking here is our story:

The pumps are the choir waiting for the kink to arrive. At 1:13 the king is here ready to rule and with maestria. With the spirit they put into this tune we recognize the french tradition and it's dogmas. 
We love dirty music but we like it to sound clear. The quality of the work that was made here is to us equal to the greatest names. At the end of Inshape's Pumpking you might feel that the king is not the kind you play with.

As for DRUNKFADEDTIPSYWASTED it is a music of circumstance that will hammer your head untill you get DRUNKFADEDTIPSYWASTED.

Get it on itunes:

Less talky talky more music.

We might need to interview these peeps...


Ears And Eyes Magazine.

We back!

After à short period of intermission we are back, 
Were you waiting for us?
Were you expecting sound?
Were you trying to find good Music?
Well here we are!

Art Melodies brings art to your soundtrack.

Small encounter, little music, huge soul.

First art melody to us was Parallaxe as when we hear it we know exactly the athmosphere we are experiencing, somekind of dry deadly desert.
The power of art melodies is that sometimes they just do not need the visual footage for their music because the sounds they make are almost organic, and that brings images to the ming with no doubt.
Less talky talky more melodies:

In our magazine we value this kind of art, and would love art melodies to make the soundtrack of our next hypothetical movie we promise.


Employee Of The Year EOTY know what they do!

It all started after knowing Romain Poucet who came to us with beautiful music: Employee Of The Year.

A little link took us to a playlist of heavy, fat but still sharp so called "slow french".
French duo Romain Poucet and Ed Supercommodore brought another way to work. We sense some mature stuff comming, and we would love to hear more music like One and Only.

The Parisian duo show where they come from and where they are going. With a few remixes like Wild Belle or Brandy they give another life to titles.
The result of the Never Say Never rework is just stunning and that shows us the difference between remix and reshit.

Less talky talky, more music:


Daft Punk is coming Back in alliance with Columbia

The group has given us a little empty period after the tron legacy thing.
Some were thinking about a dead group, and some just abandonned after the tron thing, thinking that the level has gone down for good.
But hey, the two Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo wanted to shut some mouths with Columbia.

Here is what you can see on the website today :

This little proof is what we got, and we now wait for something with the high level we were used to, hoping that Columbia which you can see the logo at the bottom right corner will not change the nature of this French Science.

This level we expect:

The best electronic music album of all time! Para one - Epiphanie

We wanted to share with you what we think about this delightful album by french electronic artist Jean-Baptiste de Laubier A.K.A PARA ONE.


The Epiphanie album is the best electronic music album of all times.With the years we found that it is the most complete and diverse set of electronic music that has ever been made. Going through all emotions, all kinds of beats, from the most dirty to the most holy of them.

14 tracks for 14 sensations, 14 genres, 14 ways to see it, 14 ways to do it.

Since June 2006 we have failed to find something that has this level of completion. We got an album where each track is a world, where each sound has it's utility, and where the sound itself is produced with maestria with the precision of a diamond cutter. This album is the "DARK SIDE OF THE MOON" of electronic music.
As you go through the tracks you can witness the beauty of a DJ that does not have only one soul, but several.

The choice of the names of the tracks is to us as perfect as the music behing them.
As a movie director Jean Baptiste De Laubier has his touch, and his way to reproduce an athmosphere or part of it.
The example we love is midnight swim. For we have been dreaming since then of having a midnight swim while listenning to this stunning track. Besides the will to do whats on the name of the track, the darkness and the calm beat that are backed up by vocals from nowhere tell you what to do: Listen again and more, and ask for more of that taste, more of that sound, more of that universe at 4:03.

This article is made to put this album on the pedestal it deserves. Para One has chown himself to the world as the master of french electronic music.
Here is are our selection of tracks on the go and go get the album you fools!

Midnight Swim:


To the French Electronic Mozart, To the machine Liszt, to the Beat Beethoven, to another kind of Philip Glass Thank you.

Vynils available here:

Download it on iTunes:

La fouine porte t'elle un dentier? RAP FAIL

Ces derniers jours nous avons beaucoup été confrontés à l'image de la fouine.
Pas que nous nous y intéressons pas, mais on doit à chaque fois aller faire les courses...

Avec les récents évènements nous avons pu voir la fouine partout et en HD, et voila que notre regard est attiré par le sourire blanc immaculé "Out of the box" de la fouine. Et là débat passionné au sein de l'équipe, les uns de jurer qu'il a un dentier et les autres de soutenir l’hypothèse des simples rénovations.

Bref le rongeur a un sourire qui ne nous laisse pas sans réfléchir. surtout dans la manière dont sa lèvre supérieure se retrousse lorsqu'il sourit et ça nous rappelle un peu ça:

 Tréve de BLA BLA c'était une Ispice di kounass.

Ears And Eyes Magazine electronic world tour : The にほん - JAPAN SET

After a little while we harvested for you.
After some days we listened and tasted.
After being welcomed by japanese artists.
After enjoying the japanese electronic taste.

Here it is only for you!
Our selection, our love, our guts, our feelings,
Are here for you ears!

Thanks to the following cities : Fukuoka - Osaka - Kyoto - Hiroshima - Tokyo - Nagasaki - KOBE - Tochigi - Shiba - Shiga - Amagasaki.

With love!

Electric Discharge Machine - Around The Glorious Sun (Official Video)

Ross Banks came to us with this gift.

Hey mate watch this...

And when we watched we realised that music still has a chance of reaching a certain level of sofistication, and of symbolic assemblage.
The boys from EDM with this smart melange of french and brit bits are creating a new world, actually they created a place in which they can communicate in their way, and in which their language stands for biblic words.

The artwork by Photographer Edouard Plongeon is certainly doing a lot for this clip, for the graphic world is set and the visual job has been conducted to perfection.

This clip is for Ears And Eyes.

Electric Discharge Machine - Around The Glorious Sun
EP "Electric Discharge Machine"
(P) & (C) Nexound Records 2013

STRUGG KAMIKAZ teaser. RDV 02/2013

C'est officiel l'album arrive en Février. Si vous attendiez que le sieur Strugg se manifeste alors vous ne serez pas déçus.

Sans transition et sans trop en dire, le teaser en question:


Ears And Eyes Magazine.

The BIGMONEYMAKERS made a big one! Tired to get fired the CLIP

Our friends The BIGMONEYMAKERS are now truely awesome.
After giving us wonderful moments during their concerts, and public appearances they eventually made a clip.

You first see dudes backs without understanding what their after, but when The Luc shows his face you are instantly charmed.
The idea, the music, the realisation all show us one thing: GOOD FRENCH MADE ROCK !

Less talky talky, more watchy watchy:

Directed by Lionel Hirlé & Grégory Ohrel
Director of photography
David Hadjadj
Production Management
Melodie Buchris, Laure Massé
Film Crew
Benjamin Groussain, Yohann Gence, Laure Caniaux, Grégoire Delarue
Color grading
Mathieu Toullet
Marc Antoine Helard


Ears And Eyes Magazine.

にほん - JAPAN

This world tour starts here:

We have decided to start this tour by a country that has always been in our hearts for it's culture, and it's international persona : JAPAN.
The flavour of the japanese electronic music is going to be the first one to take over your ears.

Powerful words from japan: NSX, Hokusai, Hideo Kojima.

Ears And Eyes Magazine.

Ears And Eyes Magazine Electronic World Tour

Ears And Eyes Magazine has the pleasure to annouce you that we are starting our little musical world tour.
We want to hear the world's electronic music, and show you how we see it.
We want to give you what we love all over the world.

This is a beautiful attempt to make it count! 

Please enjoy our travel, and the music we will harvest for you through it.

Gonzo Organ

Visual By :

On a Sunday the Ears And Eyes Magazine crew just plays organ.


Please enjoy this strenge music.


Bye Bye Macadam le Clip Ou Pourquoi Rone est divin

Voici pour vous le clip de Rone.
C'est juste Bye Bye Macadam illustré de la plus belle des manières sous la production de Dimitri Stankowicz.
C'est une deuxième forme de vie donnée à la musique et c'est ce que Ears And Eyes Magazine aime à 1000000000% . ( enthousiasme )
Pas besoin de couleurs, pas besoin de vraies danseuses, pas besoin de réalité. Cette création anime la musique comme jamais et nous en demandons plus.

Plus sur:

Rone Twitter: @Roneofficial


We love Computer Magic

This is a discovery made during a rainy december day.
First electronic fences just took us to a place where the mood is stable and so lovely that we almost went number two there!
This miraculous music that came straight from Brooklyn and put itself in our world, is not just music. It is a very wise subtle way to mix between a magical over the phone like voice and clean sharp fuzzy beats.
This is a charming and delightful piece of audio that we could not keep to ourselves.
Please enjoy this music!


Browsers We know you will like it!

So invisible and so impossible to catch.
We could not approach then, but their music came to us.
With a whole culture behind them we recognized the taste, and the direction. And because we will allways encourage this we prent it to you.
Less talky talky, more music!