We Saw... Star Wars Identities (The Exhibition)

We Saw the exhibition about the star wars universe and god damn, it's really good !!

All is about the quest of Identities. During a few hours, you'll be able to create your own 'Star Wars character' according to your experiences (they will propose you several choices to make in your life), your education from your parents, mentor , your fight... The geek in my head got free !!

First of all, you choose what kind of 'Star Wars character' you want to be, you have a lot of choice (even an Ewok, Oh god !). After that, you build your character like Anakin Skywalker grew up to become a fabulous Jedi... and Darth Vader.

You follow a route with many steps and to each stop you have a lot of informations on the construction of Star Wars and it's universe : the history, the characters, the outfits, the space crafts the difference between the light and the dark side of the force (why Anakin made all those choices)... And the real outfits and helmets are there : Chewbacca is really really tall, Darth Vader, so impressive and Yoda, fuck, it's Yoda !!

Also, some videos and pictures will explain the details of the creation of the saga and all the creation process of the characters : Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Yoda, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and even, C3-PO. It's really interesting to see that all those characters did not have those looks in the first sketches.

A the end of the journey, according to all your previous steps, you choose if you want to join the light or the dark side of the force. This is a hard choice to make indeed !

And the cherry on the cake, the gift shop ! You can buy a lot of goodies, clothes and a lot of stuff you can buy for friends, children... No! Keep it for you and have fun you selfish space freak!

In a few words, if you like the saga (or know a little ) you can run to see this exhibition! This is fabulous, you plunge into a real atmosphere and when you leave, you just want to buy a light saber and become a Jedi.

Here, just two pics from the exhibition (to keep the suspense) :

C3-PO R2-D2 and other robots from the movie

Darth Vader as scary as it get's

With Love.
(May the force be with you !)

Ears and Eyes Magazine.

Fare soldi? We met them!

It has been a while since we talked about this. Well it did happen! We met them, don't ask us how, don't ask us where, but we met with the two sound scientists you are looking at.

While talking about music, and food, and pasta, and hoes we thought it might be cool to wright it down. 

Ears And Eyes magazine: Who is fare soldi?

Fare Soldi is an alliance between Luka and Pasta, two guys who hate when things start to get boring.

EAEM: What is fare soldi?

FS: Is the italian for “making money”. And is also a good way to see if you can dance properly to some strong grooves.

EAEM: Who are your main influencers?

FS: Complex carbs, 70s white bands with moustaches, any single cell composing Stevie Wonder's body.

EAEM: What do you want to tell through your music?

FS: That there's nothing wrong in having fun while dancing to electronic music. 
It's ok to look very intelligent while you're on the dance floor, but having fun is much better.

EAEM: With Eis Coffee you gave birth to a new fresh disco! will you carry on this way?

We're getting better while getting older.
We're like some kind of disco Sean Connery.

EAEM: How do you feel about the electronic music industry, especially in Italy?

FS: It's the best place in the world to have dinner before a dj set.
Anything else simply doesn't count.

EAEM: France soon?

FS: We've played in Paris a month ago!  Where the fuck were you??!

EAEM: Maaaaaaaaan that was because of the birthday of my sisters husband and we couldn't make it. Just kidding, we just couldn't make it.

EAEM: Do you Saint-Tropez?

FS: If you're referring to the city, yes, we've been there and they didn't make us enter in many spots.
If it's some kind of french joke that means or have a slight connection with sex, we're absolutely down with it.

And in case you never heard what they do, put this is your ears!

With love,

Ears And Eyes Magazine.

D'ou viennent les muscles de la fouine? RAP FAIL

Après la fouine porte-t-elle un dentier ? Nous nous sommes posé une nouvelle question voyant la publication de cette photo : La fouine se dope-t-elle au jus d’orange pour avoir cette musculature de ragondin?

En effet, nouvelle mode chez les rongeurs : le danao ferait prendre du muscles aux fouines (et pousser les cheveux accessoirement…). Grand débat auprès de l’équipe : certains n’y croient pas, une personne à essayé ce nouveau régime (on vous tiendra au courant, pour l’instant, ce n’est pas florissant à part pouvoir uriner encore plus jaune qu’avant) et d’autres pensent à une « fausse musculature » de ce type :

Bref, le jus d’orange a eu des effets bénéfiques sur le rongeur qui ne cesse de prendre soin de son corps et il a bien pris le salaud. Après le dentier et le danao, qu’est-ce que le futur réserve à la fouine ? Un effet sur sa musique (fingers crossed…)

Amis squelettiques, vous savez ce qu’il vous reste à faire :

Promis fouiny, on arrête !

With love,

Ears And Eyes Magazine

State of the art Live set by Alejandro Molinari @ N.E.N.S Caracas

Alejandro Molinari recently destroyed Caracas by the single use of his keyboard!

We weren't surprised by his style we were there for that! The Molinari way to do it is recognizable by his beat and voice mix. By using beautifully crafted beats, and his crazy, dark, deep, delicious voice he is just re-inventing music hypnosis.
We tend to think that neat techy house is one of the best discoveries of this new year. The man is just stepping in a new territory made by/for him. By his musical history we can swear, and with his music we party!
Dear Alberto Gonzalez: take care of our own Alejandro and let him play as long as he feels.

The "chaussure à son pied" part is what could make France kneel and say give it to me! So visit us!

With love,

Ears And Eyes Magazine

Priory - Weekend beautiful Oliver nelson rework

This time no talky only music! 

With love,

Ears And Eyes Magazine.

Röyksopp's thank you plays with your heart

Thank you for being so smooth on this one.
This track is on the actual stream of smoothness and melancholy.  Nevertheless the track is absolutely delicious and wont bring you listeners to dark mindsets.  As you listen you imagine yourself riding a bus or train back home with droplets of waters sliding on the window. This cold warmth is all canned in this simple yet beautiful keyboard package.

Less talky more music:

With love,

Ears And Eyes magazine.

Fare Soldi did it again!

We told you about them in the past, and here they are! Back with the most tasteful disco they brought ear candy to all of you!
This candy is worth billions, and we want it out there.
Many attemps were just ersatz disco music, but here we are witnessing the rebirth of that very lustful dreamy sound that made the crowds dance back in time.

Less talky, more music!


Ears And Eyes Magazine.

Introducing Alejandro Molinari exclusive interview

Alejandro Molinari All rights reserved

Alejandro Molinari is a Venezuelan electronic music producer, singer and creative designer. He arrived in Mexico City when the whole movement of techno music was about to emerge. Some time later techno became cleaner and finer, and started to be heard by a wider public. He calls this movement “the Mexican Wave”.
Elements of Mexican life and rough elements that are combined with Rock and 80’s disco/Italodisco. Molinari spent part of his teen in Germany where he got close to movements like Coldwave, New Wave, and Minimal.
He took this influences and combined it with his experience in Berlin to create an unique genre made out of German 80’s music, New Wave & Post-Punk.
Chiquitico Mañana is a living evidence of this movement happening with the added edge of his South American origins. It is the story of a foreigner. The feeling that no matter where you are, you will be a stranger, regardless of what system you mix with.

Small & exquisite interview with this latin master mind:

Ears And Eyes Magazine: What is your music color?
Alejandro Molinari: Dark Red, Black and White

EAEM: Who are your influences?
A.M : Grauzone, WhoMadeWho, Post Punk, The Doors, New German Wave and Zakir Hussein..

EAEM: Are you the future New Order?
A.M: I think New Order defined a trendy NewWave in the 80’s. I look forward to reborn underground new wave. Make it simpler, and use it’s elements to recreate electronic music.

EAEM: What do you want to picture in your music?
A.M: An urban landscape, industrial and grey. Berlin takes me to grey. Coldwave came out of fear for the Coldwar. All of this makes me think of grey.
My grey, however, has hues of red and blue.

EAEM: Sweet of Salty? 
A.M: Bitter Sweet

EAEM: Hot or cold? 
A.M: Cold but friendly warm

EAEM: France soon? 
A.M: Between Berlin and Paris

EAEM: We are thankful for this little moment you spent with us and you shall be remembered dear sir!

This was our definition of a human interview. We will be back with more.


Ears And Eyes Magazine. 

Five best electronic music-videos of all times (Untill Now!)

Many clips we watched since our childhood. But we rarely encountered the clip that fucked up our minds like the following did.
Artwork is groing to be a main ingredient of your clip if you want to make it stick-out from those everlasting stinky poppy clips. We here want to give the best that got cought in out eyes in the last years, and mostly in electronic music.

1- Rone - Bye Bye Macadam

Director: Dimitri Stankowicz
Producer: InFiné

Buy it here : Rone Music
His tweets: @RoneOfficial

2- Para One ft. Jaw - "When The Night" (Official Video)

Directed by Ill Studio

Buy it here : Para One Music
His tweets: Paraoner

3- Moderat - A New Error

Produced by: Nicolas Kerga 

4- Dj mehdi (R.I.P) Signatune

By Romain Gavras

5- Daft Punk - Voyager

By Kazuhisa Takenouchi

Ears And Eyes Magazine Loves you

Kaytranada music enlightens us

Kaytranada is one of our latest and beloved producers in the fiels of rapology, and hiphopism.
The 22 year prodigy is landing beautiful sounds in our ears.
Smooth bass lines and dangerous funky beats make him on of the best of his generation. Going back to basics with his very deep mental melodies, we can listen to Kaytranada without being mugged by the rappers he produces.
Actually we are very surprised by the new direction taken by the prominent rap producer, as he shoots sounds like Sober thoughts with Gold link, and SUPRME LAZINESS executed by the very sharp SELESTICS.
Fancy a try?

Talky over, Ears And Eyes Magazine Loves you.

The art of Konnakol

The Konnakol this Indian beauty.

 Beautiful example with master  P.H Subash Chandran

While many may think that indian music is based on relaxation "sigh", indian music has it's very own structure which is studied in the shape of mouth sounds.
Every sound and note in indian music has a mouth sound to transcribe it for easy understanding. Its is quite amazing how a musician can play exactly every sound that comes from his Konnakol co-artist. Most of the time Konnakol artists are excellent percussionists, and that gives them the amazing ability to transcribe very complicated beats into simple mouth sounds.
It is easily comparable in street music to a human Beatbox, and more classically with Scat. these two styles might be the european version of Konnakol but they do not have the same use. While Scatting is used to add a human unstable element in the already crazy melody, Human beatbox is closer to Konnakol because it brings the real beat of a musical piece and that is exactly the purpose of our subject.
Scatting can seem easy, but excellent knowledge of the scatted tune is required or you will find yourself singing bath songs.

Quel genre de chaise est Maitre Gims? RAP FAIL (Dans Bella)

Il y'a quelques jours de cela j'entends:
"J'aimerais devenir la chaise sur laquelle elle s'assoit" 
C'était maître Gims dans sa meilleure production "Bella" qui exprime son souhait d'occuper le poste de chaise sur laquelle repose le royal fessier de la dite belle.

C'est une grande opportunité pour nous de vous parler de cet homme.
Nous avons un avis et nous souhaiterions vous en faire part. Fustigez nous, glorifiez nous, ignorez nous, mais nous pensons que la voix de cet homme doit être associée à de la musique de machines. C'est une voix qui samplée embrasserait notre musique. Le seul exemple que nous pouvons vous citer en France d'un tel mélange est la coopération entre Busy P et Booba :

Pas besoin de nous faire les mêmes commentaires que sur la vidéo. Enlever la voix de Booba c'est tuer Busy P, l’esprit même de la rue et dénaturer le morceau avec un snobisme primaire.

Nous nous sommes donc penchés sur la nature du siège que pourrait être Maître Gims et ce sans arrière pensée.

Avec ce modèle vous serez massée peut être au delà de vos attentes.
Maître Gims Chaise de l'amour

Ce modèle vous donnera des frissons car moulé sur l'engin même du chanteur.
Maître Gims chaise du plaisir

Ici  c'est le modèle belle mère.
Maître Gims chaise punitive

Quatrième et dernière chaise, le trône ancien en bois.
Maître Gims chaise du soulagement.

On va pas tergiverser plus sur le sujet tout est là, mais n'hésitez pas à nous souffler vos idées de chaises quelles qu'elles soient.

With love,
Ears And Eyes Magazine.

Farce: Le play store de Google théâtre lyrique!

Jor !
De plus en plus de perles dans le play store. 
Les utilisateurs android souhaitent faire connaitre leur avis sur leurs applications préférées et c'est pas facile pour tout le monde. Petite perle trouvée dans les avis du désormais main stream Zombie Tsunami

Mais qui est ESEM ?

Nous voyons mais nous ne savons pas!
 Quel est cet arbre?
 Musique vivante?
Un autre autoportrait? 
Gastronomie murale? "Street Food"

Nous allons faire notre possible pour le rencontrer et lui faire cracher le morceau. 
Esem nous sommes à votre recherche manifestez vous!

With love,

Ears And Eyes Magazine.

The Dirty Squirrels are airborne

Why do we know such people?
Who are these two rodents?

We told you about them a little while ago while they were still gathering nuts in the beautiful French city of Besançon.
Mrjn and Luka Cheerys (Most charismatic squirrels ever BTW) trained themselves into dark electronic warriors of the music after fighting the light with them dirty sound waves.

Well we just came here to tell you that they are making dough after being featured for theire Christine's No way REMIX. Get it on Itunes now!

For starters give it a try here!

We love you boys, but we wont trust you after midnight!

With love,

Ears and Eyes Magazine.

Nippon vision of time by Hideo Nakasako : Album Time Passes is out!

Last album by Japanese electronic ambient artist Hideo Nakasako Time Passes @ On sunday Recordings is in our hearts and ears.

It has been almost a year since we know Hideo and his work. Allways flying over sound like a superhero, he makes us feel the mood of every track and takes us to the Nakasako dimension of music.

Listen to blue and dive, Listen to moments and picture it happening. What is happening? Whatever is on will go perfect with this little japanese jewel.

To Ears And Eyes Magazine Avy was a revelation, thank you Hideo.

Less talky talky, more music:

Ears And Eyes Magazine.

Inshape music! But what shape?

Someone was trying to reach us! 
Someone was seeking our love! 
Well here it is!

So whats the shape of this thing?
Music lovers are always welcome @ Ears And Eyes Magazine, so welcome Inshape.

A French production with these sounds we like.
After listening to Pumpking here is our story:

The pumps are the choir waiting for the kink to arrive. At 1:13 the king is here ready to rule and with maestria. With the spirit they put into this tune we recognize the french tradition and it's dogmas. 
We love dirty music but we like it to sound clear. The quality of the work that was made here is to us equal to the greatest names. At the end of Inshape's Pumpking you might feel that the king is not the kind you play with.

As for DRUNKFADEDTIPSYWASTED it is a music of circumstance that will hammer your head untill you get DRUNKFADEDTIPSYWASTED.

Get it on itunes:

Less talky talky more music.

We might need to interview these peeps...


Ears And Eyes Magazine.

We back!

After à short period of intermission we are back, 
Were you waiting for us?
Were you expecting sound?
Were you trying to find good Music?
Well here we are!

Art Melodies brings art to your soundtrack.

Small encounter, little music, huge soul.

First art melody to us was Parallaxe as when we hear it we know exactly the athmosphere we are experiencing, somekind of dry deadly desert.
The power of art melodies is that sometimes they just do not need the visual footage for their music because the sounds they make are almost organic, and that brings images to the ming with no doubt.
Less talky talky more melodies:

In our magazine we value this kind of art, and would love art melodies to make the soundtrack of our next hypothetical movie we promise.


Employee Of The Year EOTY know what they do!

It all started after knowing Romain Poucet who came to us with beautiful music: Employee Of The Year.

A little link took us to a playlist of heavy, fat but still sharp so called "slow french".
French duo Romain Poucet and Ed Supercommodore brought another way to work. We sense some mature stuff comming, and we would love to hear more music like One and Only.

The Parisian duo show where they come from and where they are going. With a few remixes like Wild Belle or Brandy they give another life to titles.
The result of the Never Say Never rework is just stunning and that shows us the difference between remix and reshit.

Less talky talky, more music: