Fare soldi? We met them!

It has been a while since we talked about this. Well it did happen! We met them, don't ask us how, don't ask us where, but we met with the two sound scientists you are looking at.

While talking about music, and food, and pasta, and hoes we thought it might be cool to wright it down. 

Ears And Eyes magazine: Who is fare soldi?

Fare Soldi is an alliance between Luka and Pasta, two guys who hate when things start to get boring.

EAEM: What is fare soldi?

FS: Is the italian for “making money”. And is also a good way to see if you can dance properly to some strong grooves.

EAEM: Who are your main influencers?

FS: Complex carbs, 70s white bands with moustaches, any single cell composing Stevie Wonder's body.

EAEM: What do you want to tell through your music?

FS: That there's nothing wrong in having fun while dancing to electronic music. 
It's ok to look very intelligent while you're on the dance floor, but having fun is much better.

EAEM: With Eis Coffee you gave birth to a new fresh disco! will you carry on this way?

We're getting better while getting older.
We're like some kind of disco Sean Connery.

EAEM: How do you feel about the electronic music industry, especially in Italy?

FS: It's the best place in the world to have dinner before a dj set.
Anything else simply doesn't count.

EAEM: France soon?

FS: We've played in Paris a month ago!  Where the fuck were you??!

EAEM: Maaaaaaaaan that was because of the birthday of my sisters husband and we couldn't make it. Just kidding, we just couldn't make it.

EAEM: Do you Saint-Tropez?

FS: If you're referring to the city, yes, we've been there and they didn't make us enter in many spots.
If it's some kind of french joke that means or have a slight connection with sex, we're absolutely down with it.

And in case you never heard what they do, put this is your ears!

With love,

Ears And Eyes Magazine.

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