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Alejandro Molinari is a Venezuelan electronic music producer, singer and creative designer. He arrived in Mexico City when the whole movement of techno music was about to emerge. Some time later techno became cleaner and finer, and started to be heard by a wider public. He calls this movement “the Mexican Wave”.
Elements of Mexican life and rough elements that are combined with Rock and 80’s disco/Italodisco. Molinari spent part of his teen in Germany where he got close to movements like Coldwave, New Wave, and Minimal.
He took this influences and combined it with his experience in Berlin to create an unique genre made out of German 80’s music, New Wave & Post-Punk.
Chiquitico Mañana is a living evidence of this movement happening with the added edge of his South American origins. It is the story of a foreigner. The feeling that no matter where you are, you will be a stranger, regardless of what system you mix with.

Small & exquisite interview with this latin master mind:

Ears And Eyes Magazine: What is your music color?
Alejandro Molinari: Dark Red, Black and White

EAEM: Who are your influences?
A.M : Grauzone, WhoMadeWho, Post Punk, The Doors, New German Wave and Zakir Hussein..

EAEM: Are you the future New Order?
A.M: I think New Order defined a trendy NewWave in the 80’s. I look forward to reborn underground new wave. Make it simpler, and use it’s elements to recreate electronic music.

EAEM: What do you want to picture in your music?
A.M: An urban landscape, industrial and grey. Berlin takes me to grey. Coldwave came out of fear for the Coldwar. All of this makes me think of grey.
My grey, however, has hues of red and blue.

EAEM: Sweet of Salty? 
A.M: Bitter Sweet

EAEM: Hot or cold? 
A.M: Cold but friendly warm

EAEM: France soon? 
A.M: Between Berlin and Paris

EAEM: We are thankful for this little moment you spent with us and you shall be remembered dear sir!

This was our definition of a human interview. We will be back with more.


Ears And Eyes Magazine. 

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