The art of Konnakol

The Konnakol this Indian beauty.

 Beautiful example with master  P.H Subash Chandran

While many may think that indian music is based on relaxation "sigh", indian music has it's very own structure which is studied in the shape of mouth sounds.
Every sound and note in indian music has a mouth sound to transcribe it for easy understanding. Its is quite amazing how a musician can play exactly every sound that comes from his Konnakol co-artist. Most of the time Konnakol artists are excellent percussionists, and that gives them the amazing ability to transcribe very complicated beats into simple mouth sounds.
It is easily comparable in street music to a human Beatbox, and more classically with Scat. these two styles might be the european version of Konnakol but they do not have the same use. While Scatting is used to add a human unstable element in the already crazy melody, Human beatbox is closer to Konnakol because it brings the real beat of a musical piece and that is exactly the purpose of our subject.
Scatting can seem easy, but excellent knowledge of the scatted tune is required or you will find yourself singing bath songs.

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