State of the art Live set by Alejandro Molinari @ N.E.N.S Caracas

Alejandro Molinari recently destroyed Caracas by the single use of his keyboard!

We weren't surprised by his style we were there for that! The Molinari way to do it is recognizable by his beat and voice mix. By using beautifully crafted beats, and his crazy, dark, deep, delicious voice he is just re-inventing music hypnosis.
We tend to think that neat techy house is one of the best discoveries of this new year. The man is just stepping in a new territory made by/for him. By his musical history we can swear, and with his music we party!
Dear Alberto Gonzalez: take care of our own Alejandro and let him play as long as he feels.

The "chaussure à son pied" part is what could make France kneel and say give it to me! So visit us!

With love,

Ears And Eyes Magazine

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