Inshape music! But what shape?

Someone was trying to reach us! 
Someone was seeking our love! 
Well here it is!

So whats the shape of this thing?
Music lovers are always welcome @ Ears And Eyes Magazine, so welcome Inshape.

A French production with these sounds we like.
After listening to Pumpking here is our story:

The pumps are the choir waiting for the kink to arrive. At 1:13 the king is here ready to rule and with maestria. With the spirit they put into this tune we recognize the french tradition and it's dogmas. 
We love dirty music but we like it to sound clear. The quality of the work that was made here is to us equal to the greatest names. At the end of Inshape's Pumpking you might feel that the king is not the kind you play with.

As for DRUNKFADEDTIPSYWASTED it is a music of circumstance that will hammer your head untill you get DRUNKFADEDTIPSYWASTED.

Get it on itunes:

Less talky talky more music.

We might need to interview these peeps...


Ears And Eyes Magazine.

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