Five best electronic music-videos of all times (Untill Now!)

Many clips we watched since our childhood. But we rarely encountered the clip that fucked up our minds like the following did.
Artwork is groing to be a main ingredient of your clip if you want to make it stick-out from those everlasting stinky poppy clips. We here want to give the best that got cought in out eyes in the last years, and mostly in electronic music.

1- Rone - Bye Bye Macadam

Director: Dimitri Stankowicz
Producer: InFiné

Buy it here : Rone Music
His tweets: @RoneOfficial

2- Para One ft. Jaw - "When The Night" (Official Video)

Directed by Ill Studio

Buy it here : Para One Music
His tweets: Paraoner

3- Moderat - A New Error

Produced by: Nicolas Kerga 

4- Dj mehdi (R.I.P) Signatune

By Romain Gavras

5- Daft Punk - Voyager

By Kazuhisa Takenouchi

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