The best electronic music album of all time! Para one - Epiphanie

We wanted to share with you what we think about this delightful album by french electronic artist Jean-Baptiste de Laubier A.K.A PARA ONE.


The Epiphanie album is the best electronic music album of all times.With the years we found that it is the most complete and diverse set of electronic music that has ever been made. Going through all emotions, all kinds of beats, from the most dirty to the most holy of them.

14 tracks for 14 sensations, 14 genres, 14 ways to see it, 14 ways to do it.

Since June 2006 we have failed to find something that has this level of completion. We got an album where each track is a world, where each sound has it's utility, and where the sound itself is produced with maestria with the precision of a diamond cutter. This album is the "DARK SIDE OF THE MOON" of electronic music.
As you go through the tracks you can witness the beauty of a DJ that does not have only one soul, but several.

The choice of the names of the tracks is to us as perfect as the music behing them.
As a movie director Jean Baptiste De Laubier has his touch, and his way to reproduce an athmosphere or part of it.
The example we love is midnight swim. For we have been dreaming since then of having a midnight swim while listenning to this stunning track. Besides the will to do whats on the name of the track, the darkness and the calm beat that are backed up by vocals from nowhere tell you what to do: Listen again and more, and ask for more of that taste, more of that sound, more of that universe at 4:03.

This article is made to put this album on the pedestal it deserves. Para One has chown himself to the world as the master of french electronic music.
Here is are our selection of tracks on the go and go get the album you fools!

Midnight Swim:


To the French Electronic Mozart, To the machine Liszt, to the Beat Beethoven, to another kind of Philip Glass Thank you.

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  1. The French electro-disco band of "Magic Fly" fame, I would agree that they should at least be considered for the Top 100 electronic artists. I liked the music also.