About fascination

Never since year 2000, the human being is fascinated by things we are supposed to know. 
This is due to the disappearance of references that used to teach people, and give knowledge. Nowadays you can see people fascinated by a glass of water in the shape of lady gaga, or a picture of Lindsey Lohan's last rehab session. Why is that? Are we going to an era of ignorance? are we going back to darkness?
We might explain this phenomenon by the modification of the importance of things. Many actors come in this theory, such as the loss of book love, the fear of culture and unknown domains, and moreover the narrow minded are starting to rule the world.
As we witness the death of curiosity, and the dawn of darkness why wont we try to restart the engine, and go forward. People stopped looking forward as they have everything they could wish, and that kills their struggling power, and innovative spirit. 
New standards are to keep in order to avoid the complete and final destruction of our culture. M.C.Mage is here for this special, and only purpose.


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