50 shades of Disney

Is 50 Shades of Disney the next thing ?... Yeah, that's the question !

Ohhh God, that's interesting... If you didn't hear about the movie '50 Shades of Grey', you lived in a cave for this last few weeks.

Anyway, this movie about the (Strange ?) sexuals practices (OK, it's just SM) of a young (around 25) billionaire man has inspired the designer Alex Reese

And this is really really good (hard and soft at the same time, you know).

To the little chlidren : 'Don't watch it, you'll be afraid'
To the teenager : 'enjoy but not too much... (if you see what i mean)'
To the others : 'It can inspire (or excite)you !'

Well, For eyes :

(Hell Yeah) Personnaly, i'm a big big fan of Jasmine...

Ok, now, we're waiting the movie '50 Shades of Disney'... let's see.

With Love (and Fist) !

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